ITALFIT is a brand of food products rich in proteins and without added sugars.

Our company (ITALDECOR) was born in a small town in the Sicilian hinterland, with the production of classic spreads and pesto, proposing its own brand and giving the possibility to work with the private label.

From March 2020 in full pandemic and lack of work as the pastry and confectionery industry has been blocked, the intuition to insert the line of protein-rich and sugar-free spreads additives and related products, as good as if they were classic products despite having a high percentage of proteins and sugar-free added. In order to give the opportunity to anyone, sports and not, to take a whim without guilt.


When you taste our products such as spreads, you will not believe they are sugar-free. 


Our production of spreadable creams starts from the roasting of the characterizing raw material, in the case of the pistachio cream, we start from the roasting of the pistachio, passing from the grinding and refining together with the other ingredients. 

This way you will enjoy a sugar-free, protein-rich spread that you have never eaten before. 





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